Parisian lights

March 29, 2018
parisian lights

You should know by now that I have an obssession about highlighters. Everytime a new one comes out on the market, I just can’t help the life of me and have to get it. Last month, Becca Cosmetics launched a new highlighter in collaboration with French beauty youtuber Sananas and I finally got my hands on it. This is only the second time the brand has collaborated with a youtuber, apart from their collaboration with Chrissy Teigen.

The story behind Parisian lights:

Sana wanted to create a shade that is pink and gold at the same time. Inspired by the sunset colors and the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tour, Parisian Lights is a soft duochrome pink with golden pearls Shimmering Skin Perfector. It’s a limited edition highlighter, and it retails for $38.00 / £32.00 / €38.00.

Review and overall thoughts:

I’m a highlighter junkie so it’s really hard for me not to love a good glow. However, this is what I honestly think of this product.

As you may all know, Becca makes some of the best highlighters on the market, they all come in very sleek and chic packaging and really enhance your natural radiance creating the perfect glow. Parisian Lights is no exception! It’s formulated with the same formula as a regular Becca highlighter and comes in metallic silver packaging with a mirror inside, so amen to that. It contains 7 g of product which is a pretty good amount for the price point knowing that this is a high end brand.

I have a light to medium skin color with warm olive undertone, so the color pay off I got was a warm peachy pink with peach and gold reflex but I have a feeling that on cooler skin tones the pink will show off more. Nonetheless, it is a really pretty unique color and I absolutely love it. It lasted on my skin for several hours before actually starting to fade off and I didn’t get any fall out which is good, I did however noticed that it emphasized my skin texture which is no bueno. But to be fair, my skin has been really acting up lately and just rubbish.

Overall, I love this product. The color is beautiful and the pigmentation is there, you get a good color pay off and a popping glow. The texture is soft and smooth and it blends out super easily, is it the most creamy one I have ever tried? No, not really. Taking into consideration the packaging, the texture, the pigmentaion, the longevity and the product in total, I would give this highlighter a 9 on a scale of 10.

Unfortunately, the brand Becca isn’t available on the moroccan market but I did get mine here. So, will you be indulging? Or have you already tried it? Let me know your thoughts.


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